The FLO-POD™ is a simple to use powered air respirator for use against fine dust, particulate spray or micro-organisms. Powered by a belt mounted battery pack the FLO-POD™ is designed to fit directly into the visor of compatible suits and hoods, allowing the user full operational freedom.

Designed from the outset to be comfortable and simple to use, the FLO-POD™ requires little familiarisation prior to use and is lightweight and quiet in operation.

Low energy, low-noise turbo, designed for optimum flow with maximum comfort

No calibration required - Performs a full selftest on start-up

Four- or eight-hour rechargeable battery pack with fast charger, or 6xAA battery pack for up to four hours use (depending on battery brand/model)

Uses single P3 screw on filter

Low-flow warning if airflow drops below the Manufacturer’s Minimum Design Flow (MMDF) of 130 L/min

Noise level at the ear 68dBA with a clean filter

EMC tested for compatibility with other electrical equipment

Intelligent fast charger (for rechargeable battery packs) prevents battery overcharging or damage (charging in up to three or six hours depending on battery model)

Low battery warning

Flo-Pod™ Suit 

A full body suit designed for use with the FLO-POD™ powered respirator incorporating a large visor for excellent all-round visibility. The fully sealed design provides excellent protection against blood borne pathogens and simplifies decontamination and doffing.

Manufactured in lightweight PE based particulate and viral barrier fabric with spun-bonded interior for comfort.

  • Elasticated draw-string neck seal
  • Elasticated waist
  • Rear entry design, with a horizontal zip across the shoulders, with taped cover-flaps
  • Low pressure, balanced exhalation valves, developed for maximum protection
  • Fitted with welded Kemblok™ chemical and viral protective gloves for use with an outer pair of surgical gloves or gloves providing mechanical protection
  • Integral sock foot with splash guard outer leg for use with wearers own boots or shoes
  • Suit material is halogen free and safe for incineration

Type 3 [Liquid Tight]
EN 14605:2005+A1:2009

Type 6 [Limited Spray Tight]
EN 13034:2005+A1:2009

Type 4 [Spray Tight]
EN 14605:2005+A1:2009

APF 40 NPF 500
EN 12941:1998 +A2:2008 TH3P

Type 5 [Dust Tight]
EN 13982-1:2004+A1:2010

Infective Agents
EN 14126:2003


Respirex Flo-Pod Hood for Virus Protection

The Flo-Pod Hood is manufactured in 150 micron PVC with an elasticated draw-string neck seal and adjustable chest strap with a quick release buckle. The quick-don hood has low-pressure balanaced exhalation vavles which have been developed to provide maximum protection.

P3 Particulate filter


  • P3 Particle filter traps solid and liquid particles, e.g. dusts, smoke, mists, micro-organisms and radioactive particles
  • Uses microfibre ‘paper’ media without any electrostatic filtering method. Marked ‘R’ for “reusable” (EN 143/A1:2006)
  • High capacity filter element removes even the smallest particles with >99.99 % efficiency
  • Water-repellent (hydrophobic) filter element

Applications for use

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Protection from Infected Casualties


Suit options & accessories

'Self-Don' Version

With a front mounted zip across the chest and taped cover-flaps.

Liquid Chemical Protection

Suit also available manufactured in Chemprotex™  300 chemical barrier fabric.

Emergency Breather

An additional P3 filter is fitted at the shoulder with a mouthpiece in the hood.

Filter Guard

A moulded cover set to reduce liquid ingress into the filter during use and simplifying decontamination.


The decontamination unit is a portable powered filtration system that clips onto the existing P3 filter on the FLO-POD™ suit visor and incorporates four filters that block acid gasses & vapours, such as dilute peracetic acid which is commonly used for decontamination. The decontamination unit is housed in a small water resistant housing that also holds a 4m air hose and clip to attach it to a FLO-POD™ P3 filter.

Before decontamination begins the decontamination unit is started and wearer of the suit clips the hose from the decontamination unit over their P3 filter, they are then decontaminated and keep the hose attached to the filter on their suit unit they doff the garment. The decontamination unit is then unclipped and can be used again immediately. With a battery life of eight hours the decontamination unit can be used multiple times in an incident, after which the hose & clip can be replaced.


The Pusher Unit is designed to provide a backup to a FLO-POD in the event of a depleted battery or fault.

The shoulder slung Pusher Unit includes a hose that clips to the front of the P3 filter on the wearers suit and incorporates a turbo with an integral single use battery pack. When activated this pushes air through the filter on the suit visor and into the suit hood, maintaining positive pressure and allowing the wearer to continue to work for up to 45 minutes.

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Respirex are a world leading supplier of personal protective solutions, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-performance chemical, particulate and respiratory protective clothing and specialist protective footwear.

Our product range encompasses gas tight suits, chemical splash suits and CBRN equipment for fire and emergency services teams and emergency responders; air fed chemically protective suits and chemical work wear for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and powered air and air fed particulate suits and hoods for nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. Our state of the art automated footwear factory produces a range of protective boots and overboots providing protection from hazardous chemicals and high voltages, along with specialist food industry boots and general safety boots. 

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